couples and family therapy program aspire bhs logoToday’s world is fast, socially and digitally complex, and, in many ways, overstimulating. This poses challenges to our ability to effectively manage our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and can make it hard to maintain healthy and effective relationships with our loved ones.

Through our Couples and Family Therapy Program, we treat a wide range of behavioral and emotional difficulties, including anxiety, depression, couples/marriage problems, and parent-child relationship difficulties. We specialize in understanding complex social and family dynamics. We understand how these complexities affect our marriages, preferred parenting styles, and our work successes; we know how essential friendships and support systems can break down, and most importantly, we understand how easily we can lose touch with who we are as individuals. Our professional services can help you develop the insight needed to create meaningful difference in your life!

  • Do you work with individuals?

    Nearly half of our clients meet individually. However, the focus is always on the development of insight into past and current family and relationship patterns that drive the way we think.

  • Do you see children?

    Yes we do. However, rarely do we meet with children alone on a regular basis. We believe that by developing a different understanding of their children’s needs and behaviors, parents of divorce or separation can work at home to create the needed change. However, there are certainly times when we will meet with children for full sessions to help them understand the tools that will be applied at home.

  • How many sessions will be necessary?

    We typically see meaningful change in a few sessions and the desired change within 12 sessions. Treatment can take longer or shorter, of course, but our focus is on short-term, solution-focused treatment.

  • How long do sessions last?

    Sessions are approximately 45 minutes long.

  • What happens during couples therapy?

    In couples counseling, we will meet with you as a couple and we’ll simply talk! We don’t ask that you “hold hands,” “hug it out,” or “stare deeply.” We recognize that change happens when we change the way we interpret each other’s behaviors and intentions. And since the way we interpret and think often arises from our life experiences, we’ll talk a whole lot about that. So, you can expect our counselors to ask a lot of questions about your childhood, upbringing, and current relationships with family members. It is not uncommon for one member of a couple to be unwilling to attend couples counseling. In these cases, we will meet with one member of the couple with the goal of personal change in the context of the relationship.

  • How do I get started?

    To get started, please complete an intake form right on our website. On the main page, you’ll see a banner that says “Click here to become a new patient!”. Once you fill it out and submit it, our intake department will give you a call within 1 to 2 business days to schedule your initial appointment.